Tuesday, July 9, 2013

OMD 31 Day Challenge - Day 9 - Texture

Hello everyone! Today is texture day of the OMD 31 Day Challenge. I have a confession to make...I LOVE the glittery textured polishes. I just plain adore them so I was so excited for texture day!

Stay the Night Liquid Sand by OPI really reminds me of lava with the red sparkles peeking through the black base. So I decided to make the lava a bit more obvious! So today I present lava rock nails with molten lava cracks!

My pinky is two coats of Stay the Night by OPI. On my pointer, middle and ring finger I started with two thin coats of China Glaze Red Satin. I then free-handed the Liquid Sand around my nail to create the molten lava pools leaving some of the red showing. As the second coat of the Liquid Sand was drying I went into the red that was showing to add a bit of orange and yellow highlighting using Barielle Gotta Have Fate and Joe Fresh Pineapple respectively.

I really liked the way these turned out. They came out exactly as I hoped they would.

Thanks for reading everyone!

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