Friday, October 18, 2013

I'm back and I'm sorry!

Hi everyone,

If you're still following me I would like to say thanks for your patience and I'm very very sorry that I haven't been around. I've been thinking about the blog a lot and feeling really guilty about neglecting it.  In September I started pursuing a masters degree, and moved to another country to pursue it. I didn't expect it to be so much work to move and get set up and make new friends and go back to school so I really underestimated my time commitments. But I'm back, I've got my time management under control and set some time aside for blogging! And I'd like to use this post to set a few goals for myself for the blog. I figure if I put everything in my head out there into the world I might actually start to do it!!

I find goals easier to read in list format so here we go:

  • Post 3 times per week - I always have polish on my nails so all I have to do is just snap some photos and put them up here! I'm not going to stress over putting up only nail art, whatever is on my nails can go up, even it's just a boring old plain color. I like to look at swatches so why not post one if that's what I'm wearing.
  • Work my way through my stamping plates - I set up a spreadsheet so I can randomly chose one of my plates when I'm lacking inspiration or just can't decide what to do. Whatever plate gets chosen gets used in the next manicure. I'm hoping to start this tomorrow! I have a lot of plates though so this will take a long time. Also, it will make me use the plates I'm not that fond of...ahem...Gals and french tips!
  • Try out one new technique per month - there's lots of things out there I want to try out but have been putting off, what better time than now?!
  • Improve my cuticle care - with life getting in the way so much lately I've still had polish on my nails, but my cuticles have gone waaay down on the list. I'm hoping to get them back to good shape instead of the slightly overgrown dry mess they are now.
If you made your way all the way through that thanks and congratulations! It was a lot I know.

I hope I can stick to these goals and be around these parts much more frequently. 

See you soon :)

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