Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween Ruffian

Hello lovlies!

Today I just have a quick manicure for you. I write my last midterm today so I haven't had a ton of time to do my nails, in fact I've been wearing this manicure for 4 days now and it's just showing tip wear now, phewf! I'm so happy it's lasted this long so I can concentrate on studying.

Keeping with the Halloween theme I have a sorta-ruffian manicure. I say sort of because the bottom color continues up the sides of my nails but in a true ruffian it wouldn't.

I used two coats of Sinful Colors Citrine for the orange and one coat of Sinful Colors Black on Black for the top color. Next time I would make the black as smooth as possible with a small paintbrush, but I just didn't have time this weekend to let my perfectionism get in the way!

I'm very excited for this evening, no more studying! Which means I can squeeze in one more Halloween manicure for tomorrow :)

Thanks for reading!

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