Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Essie with Striping Tape Accent

Today I have a manicure using all Essie polishes. I opened up a polish drawer and these colours were all together and looked so tempting all lined up that I just had to use them all!

I started with three coats of Da Bush on my pointer, middle and ring fingers. (what's with that name?!) On my thumb and my pinky I did two coats of Armed & Ready. It's a gorgeous olivey green with a beautiful copper shimmer. The shimmer shows up really well in the bottle but is sort of hidden on the nail, but when the light hits the nail just right, wow...just wow. Anyways, on my ring finger I taped off four sections and filled them in with Armed & Ready (dark green), Eternal Optimist (pink creme), Chinchilly (grey), and Antique Rose (pink shimmer).

Three of these polishes can be completely blamed with starting my addiction! The first three polishes that I bought in my collection are Chinchilly, Eternal Optimist and Armed & Ready. I stood in the store mesmerized by Armed & Ready and just had to buy it. I guess this manicure sort of pays homage to my start on the spiral of way too many nail polishes!

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